Bitter Chocolate Brownie (Gluten-Free)

This is a really simple & fast recipe that I’ve adapted to contain less oil, eggs & sugar. I personally don’t like my brownies too sickly, so this is a healthier alternative. I used ¼ cup of sugar and these brownies came out very dark and bitter. The golden syrup added a welcome contrast to the intensely chocolate flavour.

½ cup oil

½ cup soy milk

2 eggs

½ cup potato starch

½ cup walnuts or chocolate chips (I used a combination of both)

¼ – ½ cup sugar, depending on preferred sweetness

½ cup cocoa

1 tsp vanilla

Golden syrup to serve

1. Pre heat the oven gas mark 5

2. Mix everything together

3. Pour into a prepared tin and bake for 30mins

4. Once cooled, slice & serve with a drizzle of golden syrup

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