Half Moon Matcha & Chocolate Thousand Layer Cake (Gluten Free)

This is my first experiment with matcha (powdered green tea) & also using the process of steaming or grilling, instead of baking.

For my mum’s birthday I decided to make her a thousand layer cake. However, my cake initially had 8 layers, but I managed to double it by slicing in two & placing one half on top of each other (cheating, I know…)

I decided to reduce the sugar content to bring out the delicate flavours. The bitterness of the matcha & cocoa are complimented by the distinctive fruit flavours of the leatherwood honey. I made a lovely green butter icing to stick the two halves together. The result was pleasantly unusual, slight rubbery texture which was saved by the butter icing. I’m not quite convinced by my gluten-free flour mix, I need to do a bit more experimenting. Fortunately my mum was distracted by the colour and construction to notice!


1/3 cup butter, softened

1 heaped tbsp leatherwood honey

1 tbsp golden caster sugar

5 large eggs, separated

pinch of salt

¼ cup potato starch

¼ cup rice flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp matcha powder, mixed with 1 tbsp water to form a paste

1 tsp cocoa powder, mixed with 1 tbsp water to form a paste

Matcha Butter Icing

½ cup icing sugar

1 ½ tbsp margarine or unsalted butter

½ tsp matcha

  1. Cream the butter and sugar together. Beat in the egg yolks.
  2. In a clean bowl, beat the egg whites with the salt until stiff. Fold into the yolk mixture, then fold in the flours & baking powder.
  3. Divide the batter between two bowls. Add the matcha paste to one bowl and the cocoa paste to the other. Stir well.
  4. line the bottom of a buttered 9” round cake tin with baking paper & grease. Pour about ¼ cup of the chocolate batter into the tin, spreading to form a thin layer. This can be either steamed or placed under a grill for 2-3mins, or until the layer is firm. Spread ¼ cup of the matcha patter over this, tilting the pan to ensure even coverage. grill until firm. Repeat layering and grilling until all batter is used.
  5. Let the cake cool, then remove from the tin.
  6. Meanwhile, make the butter icing by combining all the ingredients together. When the cake has completely cooled, slice in two & spread butter icing on one half. Place the remaining half on top, and dust with cocoa powder & icing sugar.

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