The hybrid matcha tiramisu & chocolate truffley yummy thing

This dessert was made in honor of my sisters’ boyfriends’ birthday yesterday. In my usual fashion I spent a couple of days preparing for this task; browsing the internet searching for suitably tasty recipes & wandering through the aisle of the local grocery stores for inspiration. I decided on using matcha as the key ingredient for this creation & envisaged a melt-in-the-mouth white chocolate matcha mousse layered on top of a moist sponge base. This dessert was a birthday surprise so had to be created in his absence, I had about 6hrs that would have to include chilling time…

However, this dessert didn’t go according to plan. I adapted a recipe for espresso dark chocolate mousse and substituted the coffee for green tea, dark chocolate for white chocolate. Somehow, my mousse remained a watery mess and looked dangerous if eaten uncooked, so I decided to add a bit of flour & turn it into a sponge layer. This was an interesting experiment! As the mousse contained gelatin, it ended up looking convincingly like a sponge but when I peeled it off the baking sheet the underside was rubbery like mochi. Hmmmm…not put off by its strange appearance I tried a bit, it resembled an un-chewy milky chewy sweet, not bad!

The Sponge circles from the top

…and the underside

On to the next chapter of my adventure – dark chocolate mousse. I’d made it before so I thought this would be fine. Unfortunately I forgot to add water & butter to the dark chocolate whist it was melting so it ended up heavy as clay, even after I folded in the egg whites. (I don’t know why but melted chocolate becomes very thick when alcohol is added)… I decided to persevere and sandwiched layers of dark chocolate between the peculiar green jelly discs.

At this point I was feeling rather distressed; I decided to ditch my strange chocolate stacks and make a completely new dessert. I had some sponge fingers in the cupboard & had found a recipe for matcha tiramisu from the internet. I didn’t have any mascarpone to hand but thought I’d improvise with a small pot of double cream. The white chocolate matcha cream came out well, but I only had enough to make a very flat-one-layered-tiramisu. It was too late to go out & buy more ingredients so I decided to improvise…

This is what I came up with – chocolate truffle stacks encased within a matcha tiramisu, topped off with a chocolate glaze. The verdict came when my sister & her boyfriend came back home after a day of mooching…I’m pleased to say that it was a huge success! This is probably one of my most decadent, innovative and delicious dessert that I’ve created.


2 responses to “The hybrid matcha tiramisu & chocolate truffley yummy thing

  1. Wow, its great that your culinary adventure ended so well! Its an interesting finding about the thickening affect of alcohol on chocolate and I wonder if Heston has experimented on this in his lab.

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