Four days of sugarless living


Pink Zebra-ee marble-ee Cake

I am starting to get used to my anti-candida diet now but have adopted some of my previous eating habits. I’ve been eating porridge for dessert, bowls of it! The comforting creamy gloop fills a hole in my stomach that is begging for a nice piece of chocolate cake. Normally I will add banana & dates to my oats but as I’m not allowed fruit this week, I’m sprinkling ground flax + pumpkin seeds & drizzling tahini.

I’ve been suffering from baking withdrawal symptoms that has made me scour the internet for sugar-free cake recipes. As I don’t want to use synthetic sweeteners, this proved to be a difficult challenge. I gave in to this fact, so decided to experiment baking with minimal amounts of unrefined sweeteners.

I’ve been dying to attempt Zebra Cake & adapted a recipe to make a gluten-free variant. I made mine with pink, brown & cream stripes, using pureed strawberries & a mere 2 tsp of agave syrup to the batter. I also threw in some liquorice tea, which made the batter rather watery. The result was more marble than zebra, but tasty nevertheless. I made a marbled mini bundt cake too. It’s creamy tasting and faintly sweet, just enough to keep me sane.


Before & After


Marbled Bundt Cake

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