Architectural Biscuit Constructions


Untitled 1 (after Fontana)

Walking through Serra’s labyrinth-like sculpture at the Gasgosian Gallery last week, I felt rather disorientated by the unusual dissection of space. It had a shell-like exterior with gently curved and twisting corridors. I questioned the complex engineering behind the creation to this effortlessly minimal sculpture.

Inspired by this, I decided to take up the challenge of making my own sculptures. My chosen material was gingerbread (although this ended up as cocoa, lemon & cinnamon as ground ginger wasn’t available). I had visions of making Zaha Hadid style architecture, but decided that this would be far too challenging. Xmas party-less, I decided to spend Saturday night baking with my BF. We had our own ‘kitchen-opening’ for this exclusive & temporary exhibition, the results can be seen below.


Untitled 2 (in blue)


Untitled 3 (after Serra)


Untitled 4 (Stack)


Work in Progress

One response to “Architectural Biscuit Constructions

  1. I think we produced some exciting work. I’m proud of my Untitled 1 (after Fontana). Those icing men are so cool!

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