Slushy Snow (mochi with marzipan, nutella & pistachio nut filling)


Mochi with marzipan, nutella & pistachio nut filling

I woke up this morning from the chill of bright white; everything was covered in a dense blanket of snow. This is not good, not good at all…As I type I am encased in so many layers that I resemble the Michelin man. I am wearing 2 thick wool jumpers on top of 2 thermal vests, legwarmers over my fleeced jogging bottoms, slippers, scarf, gloves & hat. And I’m indoors, sitting next to my heater. Not through my choice I have ventured out into the snow twice today. There was a strange atmosphere, a warped holiday feeling that has brought North London to an eerie standstill.


My back garden

Children were playing quite aggressively in the snow, the once heaving & crowded roads and pavements were bare, half the businesses on the high street were shut, and Morrisons supermarket was packed with people not knowing what to do with themselves.

My biggest fear is tomorrow when I have to trek down to a designer sale that I’m participating in, with a huge suitcase & rucksack full of clothes, and trying to sell dresses, skirts & summery tops to the brave few who venture out of their offices in search for woolly jumpers.

Inspired by snowball rolling I made these delicious mochi using black glutinous rice-flour.  For the filling I mixed some chopped pistachio nuts with a tablespoon of nutella, rolled them into a ball of marzipan before encasing it in the sticky mochi-mix. Yum! For a basic mochi recipe, click here.

One response to “Slushy Snow (mochi with marzipan, nutella & pistachio nut filling)

  1. Those marzipan mochi were great. I think your snow photography is beautiful. The second image look like a chemical model of a complex molecule.

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