Layers of adzuki bean tuile, black sesame jelly, olive biscuit, orange jelly and beetroot tuile.

I was on my own this weekend so to keep myself entertained I decided to play around in the kitchen. I picked up some China Grass (Faluda) from the Asian supermarket a while back but have never got round to using it. I whipped up an orange jelly using the juice of a freshly squeezed orange boiled with a tablespoon of ground Faluda. I also gloopified some sesame paste with it. I created some Heston inspired beetroot tuiles & olive biscuits, and thought I’d make some adzuki bean tuiles whilst the oven was still on…

Came up with a rather unusual looking dessert…beetroot tuiles are really yummy & simple to make

Blumenthal’s Beetroot Tuiles: Puree together 300g cooked beetroot with 80g icing sugar.

Pour into sieve and allow to sit for a few minutes to strain off the  excess juices.

Spread through tuile stencil & bake GM1 for 1hB


Beetroot Tuile & Olive Biscuit


2 responses to “Hmmm…dessert?

  1. Dear Beetroot Chef,

    I have some friends who work in the Psychologist field – I think – No, I know that you should take my advice and visit a doctor as soon as possible – Your a hazard to yourself and others around you since you created what you call a “Heston Bloomenthal Masterpiece” I BEG TO DIFFER!

    Look’s like a nightmare on a plate – I would strongly suggest that this creation has started Swine Flu for sure.

    Thanx for that 🙂 x

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