Birthday Boy Menu

david's bday breakfast1


Bananas in green rice – these resembled snot visually & texturally but were rather tasty. I’ve had a bag of pandan rice flakes sitting in my cupboard for a while and I didn’t really know what to do with it until I found the recipe on Apron’s Thai Food Recipes

Home made croissants (the easy way, using puff pastry, icing sugar & Nutella)

Watermelon & pineapple fruit salad, cereal, hot buttered toast, Tunnocks Teacakes (chocolate covered marshmallow, a lunchbox favourite), all washed down with a pot of Hojicha tea.

david's bday breakfast3

We spent the afternoon surrounded by trees (and art) in the Arboretum, and lovely red fruit at the Pick-Your-Own farm. Consumed more strawberries and cherries than we bought.


For mains, we had lemony chicken with roasted carrots, chestnut stuffing & red rice.  Accompanied with a glass of sparkling Australian Chardonnay.

david's bday breakfast2

I made a rather strange dessert – strawberry, cranberry & sago trifle with chocolate & vanilla custard. Unfortunately my jelly didn’t set so it was more like a soup. Birthday boy didn’t mind, phew! Then out came the Hotel Chocolate dark selection box, eaten with a mug of Horlicks  & melted marshmallows to end the feast.

david's bday breakfast4

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