Sweet Sardinia

sardinian sweet4

I recently spent a week long holiday in Alghero. My boyfriend and I stayed in a lovely self catering apartment, with a fantastic view of the sea from our bathroom window. Sunning ourselves to a brown crisp on the overcrowded beaches wasn’t for us; we spent most our time exploring what culinary delights Alghero (and near by Cities Bosa & Sassari) had to offer. Along our food quest we saw stunning coastlines & beautifully dilapidated buildings. We survived on a diet of super fresh seafood, locally grown fruit & veg, bread of all shapes & sizes, and an array of cakes. Here’s our holiday diary as recorded in the sweets we ate…

FB sardinia bread

Some of the oddly shaped Sardinian bread on offer

On the aeroplane:
We brought along a few Jaffa marshmallow tea cakes to remind us of home. No overpriced Airport food for us (although I was seduced by the magnum ice cream vending machine that was calling out to me in the airport lounge…)

sardinian sweet6

In the apartment:
A bit of improvisation in the kitchen, I made a peach cheesecake topped with cherry jam. I used amoretti biscuits & ricotta cheese, and really fresh & fragrant peaches.

sardinian sweet8

Drunken night time snack in Alghero:
Cornetto – Italian croissant with a variety of sweet fillings. We had syrupy marmalade dripping out of our one.

sardinian sweet5

Wandering through the streets of Bosa:
Canolo Siciliano – cream cheese frosting filling in a rolled cigar shaped tuile. This was far too rich for me & I could only take a small bite.  Maybe if it hadn’t been warm & soft from the 36 degree heat, I would have liked it more.

sardinian sweet

On a budget – dessert from the supermarket:
Chocolate bombe, only €1.50 from eurospin. These were great, shame that our icebox wasn’t too effective so it became a bit soupy with ice bits.

sardinian sweet7

Morning pilgrimage to the local bakery:
Funny looking bread & traditional pastries.
Copulettas Typical sweet of Gallura, stuffing of jam, sapa, honey and almonds. They have a circular shape, covered by a layer of icing and decorated coloured marbles.
Pardulas o Casadinas They are pretty star-shaped pies of thin, crisp pastry filled with a perfect, soft, golden mound of cheese, sugar and, unexpectedly, saffron, subtly flavoured with lemon or orange zest and occasionally peppered with raisins. These were rather tasty.

sardinian sweet2

Picnic lunch in Sassari:
More traditional pastries – These was my favourite pastry by far – the red ones were feather-light doughnuts filled with crème patisserie and were absolutely delicious! After a lot of searching online, I came across a recipe for Sardinian saffron & potato doughnuts – I can’t wait to try making these! My favourite pastry by far…
Tiliccas: Typical sweet of Gallura, which is formed by a puff of worked flour with lard with raised edges, honey stuffing, almonds, walnuts and sapa.

sardinian sweet3

Gelateria life savers:
We were tempted by an array of ice cream & sorbet, and 2 scoops cost the same as 1 scoop made it all the better to try everything. We had the following combinations:
Forrest fruits sorbet & Panna Cotta ice cream
Cookie Dough & Nutella icecream
Melon & Lemon sorbet
‘aperiti sesamo’ ice cream & strawberry frozen yoghurt

sardinian sweet9

Splashing out on our last day:
Petit-fours from an up market patisserie. These had quite unusual & delicate flavors like rose, saffron & orange flower.

sardinian sweet1

2 responses to “Sweet Sardinia

  1. thats a great record of our holiday from a culinary perspective. thanks for putting it together! its great you found the names of those pastries too.

  2. my mother is Sardinian and she is always talking about Pardulas! This christmas i am surprising her and making her some as well as other sweet from sardinia – thanks for the blog its great to see Sardinia from other peoples prespective

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