Cauliflower Risotto (Fat Duck Style)

cauliflower risotto

I’m the sort of person who is lured to buy something when it’s insanely cheap, even when I don’t really need it…food shopping just before closing time to pick up end of day bargains is a money saving tip that is inbuilt into my system. The other day I purchased a cauliflower for a mere 20pence. Not being a big cauliflower fan I didn’t really know what to do with this vegetable. My boyfriend enthused over his mum’s cauliflower cheese (a common part of his Irish Sunday roast). However, my memories of cauliflower cheese was not so fond…I remember being on a school trip in Wales, aged 12 and my first time away from home on my own, and being forced to eat what looked like brain covered in a congealed inedible substance.

I turned to my Fat Duck cook book and luckily enough there was a recipe for cauliflower risotto. This was one of the less challenging dishes, no fancy equipment needed (phew!) I made a simplified version, only making a few of the elements from the original recipe: frozen cauliflower stalks, dehydrated cauliflower florets, cauliflower stock, cauliflower veloute & of course, the risotto. The original recipe required chocolate jelly cubes & discs but instead I used broken pieces of 80% dark chocolate and cocoa powder.

Despite the simplicity of the ingredients, the flavours were very delicate & complex. The bitter chocolate worked well with the peppery cauliflower. This was an interesting and tasty dish.

For a pared down version of the recipe, click here ( & scroll down)

2 responses to “Cauliflower Risotto (Fat Duck Style)

  1. So brave of you to take on the complexity of a Heston Blumental recipe. You did a great job. The combination of chocolate and cauliflower is one I’ve never tried before and is certainly an improved and the brain cheese!

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