Turning 30…

I’m no longer twenty something…I’ve gone up an age category in those marketing questionnaires……the opportunity to be in the numerous ‘top 100 successful people under 30’ lists has gone… I am older and wiser than I was yesterday, though I feel very much the same.

So here’s how I celebrated this momentous day.

Birthday breakfast: Fruit salad of banana, plums, cherries, apricots & flaked almonds with granola. Home baked apricot scones, sliced pain au lavin, lapsang tea…spent the morning ‘team building’ and child protection training, oh what fun…

Birthday Lunch: Sushi rolls, rhubarb yoghurt, apple and a few overly sweet chocolates from marks & spencers. I escaped the staff canteen and headed to the nearby park to eat my lunch in the sunshine, alone, but in peace.

On a late afternoon walk in Shot Over Hill, I spotted some mushrooms.

Birthday Dinner – appetizers: cheddar & homemade rhubarb jam, goats cheese & homemade gooseberry jam on poppyseed crackers, whilst sipping champagne, what a lovely treat!

Birthday dinner – the main event: Roast quail with harrisa and pomegranate seeds with roasted pumpkin, courgettes, cherry tomatoes, baby potatoes & garlic. I felt like a giant eating this cute little bird! Hence the serving of  mini veg for the added effect of bigness.

Birthday Dessert: David’s special baked gluten free damson cake. On the rare occasion my boyfriend does any cooking. This cake, I have to admit was a joint effort. In the style of the Iron chef, our special ingredient was Damsons (after receiving a huge bucket load from my parents). This was a bit like a frangipan cake, without the pastry crust. Tasty, but too many stones.

Olvatine, biscuits and chocolates to follow…

With 3 mins left of my bday, I’m signing off!

2 responses to “Turning 30…

  1. Happy Birthday! It was fun eating quail – such a messy and tasty experience. I’m really glad you enjoyed the day. The stones definitely need to be removed from the damsons, but otherwise our cake is great!

  2. Happy belated! Your menu choices are so appealing to me, all of a sudden I can’t wait to turn 30. I’m not entirely sold on quail yet, though. I tried it once and although I thought it was really fun to feel so gigantic, I wasn’t sure what I was getting out of it that I wouldn’t get out of, say, chicken, except that it was a lot more work to eat it. Not that I would trade in the experience, of course.

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