Celebrating Freedom: Lemon Polenta Cake

No more Christys, Connors & Courtneys

No more of my pens returning to me sticky, chewed up & broken

No more books, pencils, chairs & tables thrown across the room

No more nagging kids to get rid of their chewing gum, take off their hooddies, put their phones and mp3 players away…

No more foul language & disgusting behaviour

No more counting down the days, hours & minutes until the end of term

No more ‘staff room politics’- cliques & hierarchies

No more feeling inferior, invaluable & invisible

I’ve spent just over 2 years working as a Teaching Assistant and it’s time to move on, yesterday was my last day.

I celebrated this occasion by baking Nigella’s Lemon Polenta Cake. I was extremely touched by the number of cards & gifts that I received. My last lesson of the day was with 7b4 and I was slightly sad to say farewell as they are a reasonably nice bunch of kids (but next year I’m sure they’ll turn into little monsters)…

I have resumed my dignity and sense of worth.


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