40 days Supermarket-Free! My lenten vow reviewed…

After my account of the first 20 days, where I lapsed on a couple of occasions, the remaining 20 days zoomed past without even thinking about supermarkets. It became an automatic reflex to hunt out the local shop for certain produce. Grocery shopping became mores specific, I had items that I needed to get, so was not at all distracted by offers and promotions. However, I did end up buying what was available in the market.

Some more amazing local gems that I found:

Quality Butchers, Cowley Road – unusual cuts of meat at reasonable prices!

More fantastic offers to be discovered at the Gloucester Green Wednesday Market.

East Oxford Farmers Market – this takes place every Saturday in the grounds of a primary school. Eclectic range of food – spices from Somalia, French macaroons, award winning conserves and artisan bread.

Paul Rhodes Bakery in London – I’ve never seen such an extensive array of bread!

Green village grocery store, Cowley road – baklava in the window is very tempting, and the chicken is super fresh too!

Oxford Super Choice on Cowley Road, amazing selection of unusual flour on offer!


Bank holiday Monday, I broke my supermarket fast with a trip to Waitrose, and I am afraid to admit that I really enjoyed this experience! I found sourcing certain produce challenging – fresh cream, decent margarine and reasonably priced wheat flour were the main things I couldn’t get hold of. However, I was in Tescos today and found the whole concept of it really depressing and rather soulless. I’ve decided to reduce the amount of time I spend in supermarkets each week to the bare minimum, and to continue to support local shops.

One response to “40 days Supermarket-Free! My lenten vow reviewed…

  1. I’m really impressed by your perseverance in avoiding supermarkets for so long. By doing so you have discovered a hidden world of independent shops and markets. You have carried tons of vegetables from Gloucester Green market every Wednesday and just did with out those things that only be obtained at a reasonable price in supermarkets. I love the super long baguette in Paul Rhodes bakery!

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