Happy New Year!

xmas dinner2

Happy twelfth night everyone! It’s officially the end of the festive season. Here’s a few of the highlights that I’ve been indulging in over the past 12 days…

xmas dinner1

Xmas lunch at my sister’s friend’s house

xmas dinner3

I normally don’t like sprouts but these were tasty!

xmas dinner4

Chocolate popping candy cake that my sister made


Homemade panettone for dessert

kaya bun

Kaya bun on my epic journey to Heathrow airport on Boxing day, made it to Cork in the end!

taste of cork

Cakes, Cork style

irish icecream

Irish icecream with wafers


Barry’s tea


Soya decaff latte with fairtrade dark chocolate kitkat

soft boiled egg

Boiled eggs, hotel breakfast

bread and butter pudding

Bread & butter pudding at the English Market, Cork.

new years eve

Homemade christmas cake with custard.

christmas cake1

More homemade christmas cake

mince pie

Homemade mince pies

new year break2

Scrambled egg on marmite toast for New Years day breakfast

new year break3

Exotic fruit salad, trying to start the year healthily…

new year break1

But then came the homemade panettone…

new year dinner

Vegetable curry, rice & salad for new year’s day dinner with my parents.

Wishing you all a very wonderful 2013!


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