Beautiful Bread (Daring Bakers Challenge Feb 2014)


Beauty surrounded the Daring Bakers this month as our host, Sawsan, of chef in disguise, challenged us to make beautiful, filled breads. Who knew breads could look as great as they taste? For the full recipe and instructions, click here.

Time slipped away without me noticing this month so I’ve been baking like mad over the past 48hrs, with my 6 month old baby at arms reach. I made 5 versions of this challenge and went a bit free-style towards the end.

1. Fairtrade Za’atar & Dark Tahini Star

To celebrate Fairtrade fortnight, I made a savoury bread using my favourite fairtrade cooking ingredients.  These two are my store-cupboard essentials and are absolutely delicious! Unfortunately I was having so much fun feeding cauliflower + spinach puree (with a pinch of za’atar) to baby, that I forgot about the bread in the oven. It ended up dry, but tasted good dunked in soup.

DB zaatar bread`

DB zaatar bread2

27_02_2014 037

2. Breakfast Spread Flower

When you have a baby, little things like spreading jam on toast can become quite tricky. So, wouldn’t it be great to have bread that already has jam incorporated within it? I slathered the layers with raspberry jam and lemon curd. The sweet spreads oozed out in the oven and created a sticky finish. Again, I over baked this so managed to singe the petals.

DB breakfast spread flower1

Day 2 of baking – I wanted to achieve a bold contrast between each layer so I flavoured my dough with cocoa and pimenton, and used these with a plain dough.

DB pimenton cocoa

DB dough

3. Cocoa Cinnamon Sunshine

Keeping baby happy by retrieving her rubber giraffe that she throws on the floor every 2 minutes, whilst baking, is a recipe for authentic looking solar flares. However, it was supposed to be a flower but doesn’t look much like one, hence the re-name.

DB sunshine bread

4. Chili Chocolate Biscuit Mess

When baby decides that the day begins at 5am, Lotus caramelised biscuit spread is perfect for making those early breakfasts a little sweeter.  I wasn’t too sure what I created here, I started off with a rectangle which I cut into 4 triangles. Bit of twisting, rolling, pinching and the geometric shapes are transformed – Tear & Share Dali-esque Brutalism.

DB mess bread1 biscuit spread

5. Nutella Ball-of-String

By now, baby was really losing patience so I resorted to giving her a Toast Womenswear catalogue to play with, which she ended up chewing. This was a nice easy fast one – 4 layers of dough with Nutella slashed, rolled & curled into a ball.

DB ball of string2 DB ball of string4

And here’s a photo of the cheeky monkey in action…







3 responses to “Beautiful Bread (Daring Bakers Challenge Feb 2014)

  1. What amazing and wonderful versions you made! I really love the idea of the two colored dough!
    but the best part is the pictures of your cute little angel 🙂
    Thank you so much for taking on this challenge with me

  2. Its great that during Fairtrade fortnight you are highlighting the products you use that bear their imprimatur. That you could create such a fabulous array of beautiful breads, while at the same time looking after a young baby, is no mean feat! Perhaps the shortness of time and the sense of urgency drives your creativity to even greater heights than before.

    Each precious moment you can spare for baking must be squeezed of its creative potential lest time itself runs out – as it did for Mahler during his tenth symphony or Edmund Spenser and his Faerie Queene. But timeless quality of your abstract creations, and of cheeky money’s beautiful smile, will stand against the ravages this temporal world. We would do well to remember the distinction the Greeks make between Chronos and Kairos – the former has to do with clocks, deadline and pressure wheras the later is about seeing the transcendent in the present moment.

    Great names by the way!

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