Cinnamon Rolls (Daring Bakers Challenge June 2014)

green tea roll1

Matcha roll filled with dark chocolate spread & peanut butter

This month the Daring Bakers kept our creativity rolling with cinnamon bun inspired treats. Shelley from C Mom Cook dared us to create our own dough and fill it with any filling we wanted to craft tasty rolled treats, cinnamon not required!

chocolate roll1

Chocolate roll filled with marshmallow fluff and blackcurrant jam

savoury cinnamon roll2

Bacon roll with spring onions & kecap manis

savoury cinnamon roll1

Sardine roll with tomato puree, chedar and pak choi

I do love a good cinnamon bun. Big juicy ones with a dusting of chunky sugar crystals and lots of cinnamon spice – yum. However, for this challenge, I decided to play around with the flavours, making two sweet & two savoury rolls. For father’s day, my 9 month old ‘helped’ me bake these by being content playing with her toys and not crawling into the kitchen! We added some matcha green tea powder and cocoa powder to the dough, and filled them with a combination of breakfast spreads (dark chocolate & peanut butter, blackcurrant jam marshmallow fluff – although I have to admit I’ve never eaten fluff for breakfast…) Daddy was well impressed with his special father’s day brekie and hand made card.

2014 Fathers day 1

I was keen to create a savoury version of this roll before the month was up so got busy in the kitchen yesterday. I was hankering after a char-sui bau, so went for pork & spring onion with kacap manis filling. I halved the sugar content from the dough recipe which worked well, although more sugar could have been omitted. For a random store-cupboard inspired roll, I filled my final roll with sardines, tomato puree, cheddar cheese & pak choi. It worked, in a strange rolled pizza kind of way! Thank you Shelly for this month’s challenge, I had lots of fun!

Click here for the recipe


2 responses to “Cinnamon Rolls (Daring Bakers Challenge June 2014)

  1. I am beyond impressed with your “cinnamon” rolls this month – so many creative varieties! You seriously went above and beyond with this. Thank you!!

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